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This just in! REVIEWS: Sister Act, The Musical

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Janice L Franklin at Theater Jones wrote a stunning review of WaterTower Theatre's production of Sister Act. Her description of Laura's performance:

"The moment which took the audience by surprise and brought them to their feet was sung by Laura Lyman Payne (Sister Mary Robert), “The Life I Never Led.” What an acting piece, this song. It would be so easy to deliver that as a presentational song, but it really isn’t. It is a rich scene. To watch Payne tell her story through this song and find her voice as the character, was joyous. That is how one delivers a song in musical theatre."

Additionally, Mark-Brian Sonna at The Column Online wrote a lovely review as well. Some bits about Laura:

"As Sister Mary Robert, Laura Lyman Payne delivers with honesty."

"Payne delivers ['The Life I Never Led'] with conviction, she is a stand out."

To read more, follow the links below:

Photo by Jason Anderson, Pendleton Photography

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