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WaterTower Theatre's THE BALLAD OF LITTLE JO

Laura will be starring as Josephine "Jo" Monaghan in The Ballad of Little Jo at WaterTower Theatre in Addison, TX.

The Ballad of Little Jo, with music by Mike Reid, lyrics by Sarah Schlesinger, book by Sarah Schlesinger, Mike Reid, and John Dias, directed by WTT Associate Artistic Director, Kelsey Leigh Ervi, music directed by Vonda K. Bowling, and choreographed by Joshua L. Peugh will run from June 7 – 30, 2019 on the Terry Martin Main Stage at the Addison Theatre Centre. The production stars Laura Lyman Payne as Josephine “Jo” Monaghan, Jonathan Bragg as Jordan Ellis, Amber Marie Flores as Sara Stewart Ellis, and Oscar Seung as Tien Mien Wong.

After giving birth to a son out of wedlock, Josephine Monaghan makes the difficult decision to leave her son in the care of her sister and head out west in search of a new life; one she hopes will be able to support her and her son. But after a series of ill-fated encounters, Josephine finds herself stranded in a small mining town in Idaho. With an unwavering will to survive, she disguises herself as a man called “Jo” and quickly finds a job mining silver. Inspired by the true story of a young woman in the Old West, The Ballad of Little Jo is a lively and compelling musical about one woman’s fearless journey to stake her claim on the American Dream.

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Photo by Evan Michael Woods

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